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Epcos, S10K320, MOV, B72210S321K101, 500pcs, Datasheet

Product code : EK.EP.S10K320500

Brand Name : Epcos

Price: INR2.10 INR 1.90

Volts: 320
Size: 10
Colour: Blue
Price Per Piece Rs.1.90/+-18%
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Full Description

Datasheet PDF: http://bit.ly/TDK_EPCOS_MOV
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EPCOS Metal Oxide Varistors (MOV) Unlike the fuse or circuit breaker which offers over-current protection, the varistor provides over-voltage protection by means of voltage-clamping in a similar way to the zener diode.The word “Varistor” is a combination of the words VARI-able resi-STOR used to describe their mode of operation way back in their early days of development which is a little misleading since a varistor can not be manually varied like a potentiometer or rheostat.

About the MOV – Metal Oxide Varistors

A MOV contains a ceramic mass of zinc oxide grains, in a matrix of other metal oxides (such as small amounts of bismuth, cobalt, manganese) sandwiched between two metal plates (the electrodes).


Maximum ratings (TA = 85 C)
Type (untaped) SIOV S10K320
Ordering code B72210S321K103
VRMS V 320
VDC V 420
i max 8/20 s A 2500
Wmax (2 ms) J 50
Pmax W 0.40


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