Electrik Kart
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About Us

Electrikkart.com is India's first online portal which has come up with an idea of electrical component manufacturers to cater all the electronics manufacturing industries by providing authentic brand raw material electronic parts online at cheapest price . We want to make it easy for our clients by just clicking on the product and placing the order and rest will be our responsibility to deliver all kinds of items at your doorsteps hassle free. We are also into electronic circuit manufacturers. Buy electronic components online and save your time.


TIME IS MONEY and we intend to save both time and money for our clients.

Hence, we wish to ELIMINATE the process of:


Sending the BOM on mail => Getting a reply in one or two days => Then checking your budget => Sending your PO (PURCHASE ORDER) => Expecting a PI (PRO-FORMA INVOICE) =>Final Order Placed.


This whole process takes a number of days for completion.


Instead, on Electrikkart.com, you can see the rates and all you have to do is enter your quantity and place the order. By saving your time, you end up saving more money. We value your precious time and money. Buy electronic components online with electrikkart.com


The benefits of dealing with electrikkart.com, which in turns helps to save money are:


Don’t need to travel from different states to states to buy raw materials, you can buy electronic components online.

  • Travelling cost and time is saved by buying electronic parts online.
  • Saving your calling time/mailing time and expecting a reply time wait.
  • Delivery at cheapest prices.
  • 100% original products guaranteed.