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DV Big Fuse Holder, Bakelite and Brass, Metal Screw, Black/Black, 100Pcs

Product code : EK.DV.BFH100

Brand Name : DV

Price: INR22.00

Model: Fuse Holder
Size: Big 15Amp
Material: Bakelite (Burn Proof) & 100% Brass
Price Per Piece Rs.22.00/- +18% GST
Price shown is exclusive of GST.

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Bulk Quantity Price Discounted Price
100 22.00 0.00
200 22.00 21.50
300 22.00 21.25
400 22.00 21.00
500 22.00 20.50

Full Description

Model Fuse Holder
Size Big
Colour Black/Black
Material Bakelite + Brass
Quantity 25Pcs
Type Metal Screw


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