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DEC (MPR) 2.2/10/250Vac Axial Capacitors 22.5mm, 200pcs, Datasheet

Product code : EK.DEC.22102502

Brand Name : DEC

Price: INR20.00 INR 15.00

MFD: 2.2mfd
Volts: 250Vac
Colour: Yellow
Price Per Piece Rs.15.00
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Full Description

Download Datasheet: http://bit.ly/31upD0K


DEC Axial Capacitors:  DEC Network plate capacitors are certified under IATF 16949:2016 and ISO 9001:2015. All its capacitors conform to IEC 384 and are RoHS compliant. 

They are used in manufacturing DJ Sound consoles, Sound Bars, Heavy Speakers etc. Polypropylene & Polyester are two materials in which capacitors are available. Quality testing goes through the toughest phase because we make sure product should be finest. We don't compromise in raw material. All test certificates are available with each batch. 


Dielectric :  Polypropylene
Electrodes :  Vacuum deposited Zinc-Aluminium
Ref. Standard :  IEC 60384-16
Encapsulation :  Wrapped and epoxy end filled
Flame Retardancy :  Conforming to UL 94 V-0
Environmental Category :  55/105/56
Capacitance Tolerance :  ± 10 %
Test Voltage (HV) :  640VDC for 2 seconds
Insulation Resistance :  > 14000 MΩ
(IR) at 100V, 1 minute  
at 25 deg.C +/-3 deg.  
Dissipation factor (Tan ∂) :  ≤ 0.2% at 1 kHz


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