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DEC (MED-ECS) 3.3/10/250Vac Safety Polyester Capacitor, Fan Regulator Series, 27.5mm, 200Pcs, Datash

Product code : EK.DEC.MEDECS.3.3250200

Brand Name : DEC

Price: INR8.80 INR 8.20

Model: MED-ECS 3.3/10/250vac Safety Polyester
Type: Polyester Capacitor
Price Per Piece Rs.8.20/- +18%
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Full Description

Datasheet PDF: http://bit.ly/MED_ECS_3-3k250vac
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DEC Fan Regulator Series, DJ Network Plate Series, Tutor Series, Stablizer Series Capacitor. 

Desai economy series polyester capacitor (MPP-ECM Series)


Desai Polyester capacitors are used mainly in their leaded form. They are not produced as high tolerance capacitors, but they have a low ESR and are able to tolerate large spikes with a high rise time. The capacitor is robust and can be used in many applications where some other forms may not be suitable.


Model        3.3/10/250Vac
Series MED-ECS
Type Poly Capacitor
Pitch 27.5mm
Colour Orange
Packaging 200Pcs

Series         Safety Series


Irom Meitei

Posted : 10 Oct, 2020

I want buy 3.3k 250vac capacitor

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