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CDIL Transistor 2N 5551, 1000pcs

Product code : EK.CDIL.2N51000

Brand Name : CDIL

Price: INR1.50 INR 1.20

Model: 2N5551
Volt: 160v, 600 mAmp
Price Per Piece Rs.1.00/+-18%
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Full Description

Value 2N5551
Brand CDIL
Quantity 1000
Collector Emitter Voltage V CEO 160
Collector Base Voltage V CBO 180
Emitter Base Voltage V EBO 6
Collector Current Continuous IC 600
Collector Power Dissipation 625
Operating And Storage Junction -55 to +150
Temperature Range  


Hari prmar

Posted : 03 Mar, 2024


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