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AAC, Solder Wire 60:40, Tin 60% Lead 40%, 250gms

Product code : EK.ASW.60401

Brand Name : AAC

Price: INR700.00

Type: Solder Wire
Size: 250gms
Price per piece Rs.700/+-18%
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Full Description

SKU EK.ASW.60401
Ratio 60:40
Tin 60%
Lead  40%
Guage  20,18,16
Quality Industrial Approved 
Package  250gms


AAC Solder Wire are soft soldering wire that contains lead is comprised of combinations of tin, lead, silver, cadmium and copper. Combinations of tin and lead are in ratios of 60 percent tin/40 percent lead. These solders melt in a range from 361 to 421 degrees with the higher the percentage of lead, the higher the melting point. 


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